Preparing an ICX Switch for Unleashed Management

Unleashed uses LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) for communication with the ICX switch. Preparing the switch for Unleashed management requires that the device is running compatible firmware that supports LLDP and that its management IP address and login name and password are discoverable by the Unleashed Master AP.

The easiest way to do this is to reset the switch to factory default settings and allow Unleashed to auto-discover and auto-configure the switch for Unleashed management.

Beginning with ICX version 8.0.90, ICX switches in factory default state use the default user name and password super/sp-admin. When the Unleashed Master AP connects to an ICX switch via LLDP, it will attempt to log in using this default username and password. If successful, Unleashed will automatically change the ICX login to match the Unleashed admin login name and password.

To prepare an ICX switch for Unleashed management:

  1. Confirm that the switch is running FastIron firmware version 08.0.90 or later using the following command:
    SSH@ICX7150-C12-Switch#show version
      Copyright (c) Ruckus Networks, Inc. All rights reserved.
        UNIT 1: compiled on Jun  6 2019 at 20:57:00 labeled as SPS08091
          (28774816 bytes) from Primary SPS08091.bin (UFI)
            SW: Version 08.0.91T211
          Compressed Primary Boot Code size = 786944, Version:10.1.16T225 (mnz10116)
           Compiled on Sat May 25 10:09:26 2019
  2. If your device is running an earlier version, you must upgrade to version 08.0.90 or later. Refer to the Release Notes, Upgrade Guide and Installation Guide for the relevant FastIron release for upgrade instructions.
    Note: Upgrading to a more recent release may require several steps (depending on the version of the original firmware) as each release has different upgrade requirements. Be sure to carefully read the FastIron documents to ensure a successful upgrade.
  3. An ICX switch running 08.0.90 or later firmware in factory default state will attempt to register with an Unleashed Master AP via LLDP. An easy way to prepare a switch for Unleashed management is to reset the switch to factory default state. Use the following command to restore the switch to factory default settings:
    SSH@ICX7150-C12-Switch#erase system factory-default
     System will go for reload after factory reset. Please enter 'y' to confirm, 'n' to exit :
    (enter 'y' or 'n'): y
    *               Factory Reset Alert                         *
    * Please pay attention to the details listed below          *
    * 1. uboot params will be erased, you might want to         *
    * backup the uboot params                                   *
    * stop at uboot and do 'printenv' to read uboot params      *
    * 2. All configuration will be erased, you might want to    *
    * backup the config                                         *
    * 3. Core Files, Logs will be erased                        *
    * 4. SAU license will be restored to original SKU           *
    * use show license sau for more detials                     *
    * 5. XML license will be erased                             *
     I have read the alert and factory reset can be performed now.
     Please enter 'y' to confirm, 'n' to exit :
    (enter 'y' or 'n'): 
  4. When the factory reset is complete, the switch will reboot and perform LLDP neighbor discovery.
  5. If Auto Approval is enabled (Admin & Services > System > System Info > Switch Approval), Unleashed will automatically approve the switch join request. If disabled, you must manually approve each switch join request.
  6. The switch should now be visible on the Unleashed dashboard as connected, or "Pending" if auto-approval is disabled.
  7. If the switch does not appear on the Unleashed dashboard after performing a factory reset, there are a number of possible explanations:
    • LLDP info does not exist: This typically indicates the switch is not running compatible firmware. Upgrade to 08.0.90 or later.
    • LLDP info exists, but Management IP info does not exist: This typically indicates the switch is in router mode. In this case, the admin must obtain the IP address from the router or DHCP server and then click the Add button to configure the IP address, admin name and password for the switch.
  8. Use the following command to verify whether or not LLDP neighbor information exists:
    SSH@ICX7150-C12-Switch#show lldp neighbors
    Lcl Port Chassis ID      Port ID         Port Description            System Name
    1/1/1    348f.2712.c950  348f.2712.c950  eth0                          RuckusAP
    1/1/3    d4c1.9e35.c940  d4c1.9e35.c940  eth0                          Ruckus-Unleas~
  9. Additionally, you can verify whether the AP can receive LLDP information from its neighbors using the AP CLI. To check the AP's LLDP info, use the following command:
    ruckus(ap-mode)# get lldp neighbors
    LLDP neighbors:
    Interface:    eth0, via: LLDP, RID: 1, Time: 3 days, 02:55:58
        ChassisID:    mac 78:a6:e1:2e:03:ce
        SysName:      ICX7150-C12-Switch
        SysDescr:     Not received
        Capability:   Bridge, on
        PortID:       mac 78:a6:e1:2e:03:d0
        PortDescr:    GigabitEthernet1/1/3
        MFS:          1522
        PMD autoneg:  supported: yes, enabled: yes
          Adv:          10Base-T, HD: yes, FD: yes
          Adv:          100Base-TX, HD: yes, FD: yes
          Adv:          1000Base-T, HD: yes, FD: yes
          MAU oper type: 1000BaseTFD - Four-pair Category 5 UTP, full duplex mode
        MDI Power:    supported: yes, enabled: yes, pair control: no
          Device type:  PSE
          Power pairs:  signal
          Class:        class 4
          Power type:   2
          Power Source: unknown
          Power Priority: low
          PD requested power Value: 26200
          PSE allocated power Value: 26200
        UPOE:         0
  10. After approval, if the switch is in factory default state, Unleashed will log in to the switch and change the default username/password to the Unleashed admin login name and password, and begin managing the switch.
  11. If the switch is not in factory default state, select the switch in "Pending" state and click Approve, then enter the Admin Name and Password to authenticate to the switch and then manage it automatically.
  12. If the Unleashed login name and password are changed via the web interface, the new login will be synched to any connected switches that registered with Unleashed in factory default state. Connected switches that registered as non-factory default switches will remain unchanged and will require the user to manually approve them and enter the new user name and password.