Performing the Upgrade

Ruckus strongly recommends backing up the controller cluster before performing the upgrade. If the upgrade process fails for any reason, you can use the latest backup file to restore the controller cluster.

Before starting this procedure, you should have already obtained a valid controller software upgrade file from Ruckus Support or an authorized reseller.

Always back up the controller before attempting a software upgrade. If you are managing a multi-node cluster, back up the entire cluster, and then verify that the backup process completes successfully.

If you have an FTP server, back up the entire cluster and upload the backup files from all the nodes in a cluster to a remote FTP server.

  1. Copy the software upgrade file that you received from Ruckus to the computer where you are accessing the controller web interface or to any location on the network that is accessible from the web interface.
  2. Select Administration > Upgrade.
  3. Select the Upgrade tab.
    In Current System Information, the controller version information is displayed.
    Note: The Upgrade History tab displays information about previous cluster upgrades.
  4. In Upload, select the Run Pre-Upgrade Validations check box to verify if the data migration was successful. This option allows you to verify data migration errors before performing the upgrade.
    Note: You can still upgrade even if there are data migration errors.
  5. Click Browse to select the patch file.
  6. Click Upload to upload the controller configuration to the configuration in the patch file.
    The controller uploads the file to its database, and then performs file verification. After the file is verified, the Patch for Pending Upgrade section is populated with information about the upgrade file. If data migration was unsuccessful, the following error is displayed: Exception occurred during the validation of data migration. Please apply the system configuration backup and contact system administrator.
  7. If the controller configuration upload was successful, perform one of the following:
    • Click Upgrade to start the upgrade process without backing up the current controller cluster or its system configuration.
    • Click Backup & Upgrade to back up the controller cluster and system configuration before performing the upgrade.

When the upgrade (or backup-and-upgrade) process is complete, the controller logs you off the web interface automatically. When the controller log on page appears again, you have completed upgrading the controller.

Go to the next task to verify the upgrade.