Uploading an AP Firmware Bundle

When Ruckus introduces a new AP model, an AP firmware bundle (also known as a patch) is made available for download from the Ruckus Support website. Download the AP firmware bundle to a local computer, import it into SmartZone, and the new AP model is now supported.

  1. Select Administration > Upgrade.
  2. Select the AP Patch tab.
  3. In Patch File Upload, click Browse to select the patch file (with extension .patch).
  4. Click Open.
  5. Click Upload. The upload status bar is displayed, and after the patch file is uploaded, the section is populated with the patch filename, size, firmware version, and supporting AP models.
  6. Click Apply Patch. The apply patch status bar is displayed.

    After the patch file is updated, you will be prompted to log out.

    When you login again, the AP Patch History section displays information about the patch file such as start time, AP firmware and model.

You have successfully updated the AP models and AP firmware with the patch file, without having to upgrade the controller software.