Upgrading the Data Plane

You can view and upgrade the virtual data plane version using patch files. This feature is only supported on vSZ-H and vSZ-E.

vSZ support APs starting version 3.4. You must first upgrade vSZ before upgrading vSZ-D, because only a new vSZ can handle an old vSZ-D. There is no order in upgrading the AP zone or vSZ-D. During the vSZ upgrade, all tunnels stay up except the main tunnel which moves to the vSZ. Once the upgrade procedure is completed, allow ten minutes for the vSZ-D to settle.

Upgrade to R5.0 does not support data migration (statistics, events, administrator logs). Only the existing system and the network configuration is preserved. For more information, contact Ruckus support.

Upgrading from earlier versions to R5.1.x
SZ vSZ-D Upgrade Procedure
5.0.x R5.0.x or R3.6.x or R3.5.x
  1. R3.5.x/R3.5.x > R5.0.x
  2. R5.0.x > R5.1
3.6.x R3.6.x or R3.5.x or R3.4
  1. R3.5.x/R3.4.x > R3.6.x
  2. R3.6. > R5.0
3.5.x R3.5.x or R3.4.x or R3.2.x
  1. R3.4.x/R3.2.x > R3.5.x
  2. R3.5.x > R3.6.x
  3. R3.6.x > R5.0.x
3.4.x R3.4.x or R3.2.x
  1. R3.2.x > R3.4.x
  2. R3.4.x > R3.6.x
  3. R3.6. x > R5.0.x
Data migration is not supported if system upgrades from:
  • R3.6/3.6.1/3.6.2 to R5.0
  • R3.6/3.6.1/3.6.2 to R5.1
System upgrade from R5.0 to R5.1 supports data migration.

To Upgrade the Data Plane:

  1. Select Administration > Upgrade.
  2. Select the DP Patch tab.
    The DP Patch page appears.
    Figure 1. Upgrading the Data Plane

  3. In Patch File Upload, click Browse to select the patch file (.ximg file).
  4. Click Upload.
    The controller automatically identifies the Type of DP (vSZ-D or SZ-D) and switches to the specific Tab page. Uploads the file to its database, and then performs file verification. After the file is verified, the Patch for Pending Upgrade section is populated with information about the upgrade file.

    The following upgrade details are displayed:

    • Patch File Name—Displays the name of the patch file.
    • Patch File Size—Displays the size of the patch file.
    • Patch Version—Displays the version of the patch file.
  5. In Data Planes, choose a patch file version from the Select upgrade version.
  6. Click Apply to apply the patch file version to the virtual data plane.
    The following information about the virtual data plane is displayed after the patch file upgrade is completed.
    • Name—Displays the name of the virtual data plane.
    • DP MAC Address—Displays the MAC IP address of the data plane.
    • Current Firmware—Displays the current version of the data plane that has been upgraded.
    • Backup Firmware—Displays the backup version of the data plane.
    • Last Backup Time—Displays the date and time of last backup.
    • Process State—Displays the completion state of the patch file upgrade for the virtual data plane.
    • DP Status—Displays the DP status.

You have successfully ungraded the virtual data plane.

Note: To have a copy of the data plane firmware or move back to the older version, you can select the data plane from the list and click Backup or Restore respectively. To upgrade the data plane to the latest firmware, select the data plane and click Upgrade to x.x.x.x.x