Statistics Files the Controller Exports to an FTP Server

If you added an FTP server to the controller, the controller will export statistics files to that FTP server, either on demand or based on a schedule. This is however only applicable for SZ300 and vSZ-H.

Note: The feature to export CSV files is only supported in SZ300 and vSZ-H platforms.
To enable this feature, go to the controller web UI and select the Enable uploading statistical data to the FTP server check-box from System > General Settings > FTP.

After the feature is enabled, each controller node sends a zip file to the FTP server via FTP or SFTP, on an hourly basis. The zip file is named as: <directory_name> + '_' + <controller_node_identifier> + ".zip" .

Here, directory_name is named as yyyymmddhh (indicating the beginning of the hour that the data was received). For example, the directory name for the data that comes between 10 and 11 AM of May 26, 2016, is "2016052610" .

The zip file contains all the reported data collected within the hour.

The data is divided into tables, and each data table is associated with files. The files are named as follows: <Table Name> + '_' + <Thread_ID> + '_' + <Sequence_No>.csv.

Here, Table Name is as described in Table 1. Thread_ID is an integer, and Sequence_No is from 1 to N to limit each file to be capped around 1G bytes.

Each AP sends its statistic counters to the controller, every 180 seconds. The controller stores the data, and exports them as CSV files to the external FTP server, every hour. The controller stores the data for up to 6 hours; if the FTP server is down, the controller resends data for up to 6 hours.
Table 1. Exported CSV file table
Table Name Table Description
APStatus Root for all Status: Cluster, Domain, Zone info
APStatusSystem AP Level Info
APStatusRadio AP Radio Info
APStatusWlan AP Wlan Info
APStatusTunnel AP Tunnel Info
APStatusIPSec AP IPSec Info
APStatusIPSecStats AP IPSec stats
LanPortStatus AP Lan Port Status
CertificateReload AP Certificate Reload Info
CableModemInfo Cable Modem inside AP
APStatusLBS Location-Based Service
APStatusBrownout AP Voltage Brownout Event
APReportStats Root for all ReportCluster, Domain, Zone Info
APReportBin Little Bin info
APReportBinRadio Radio Stats
APReportBinWlan Wlan Stats
APReportBinClient Client Stats
APReportBinTunnel Tunnel Stats
APReportBinIPSec IPSec Stats
APClientStats Root for all Client
APClientInfo Client Stats
APClientRadio Radio Static Info
APClientWlan Wlan Static Info
APMeshStats Root for all Mesh
APMeshDownlink Mesh Downlink AP
APMeshUplink Mesh Uplink AP
APMeshNeighbor AP Mesh Neighbor
ArcMessage Root for all AVC
FlowMessage AVC Flow
RogueAPStats Root for all Rogue
ReportType Rogue Devices