Web Server Support

The https://my.ruckus web page is a supplementary tool for reporting a problem without much understanding of the infrastructure.

This page is hosted on the AP's Web Server. This feature is independent of the controller being accessible to the AP and provides the first level information required by the support engineer to diagnose a problem. When the AP is managed by SZ, the web-server shall be turned off and the page may not be accessible. You can turn on the web-server by using the set https enable command, which the controller may turn off later to conserve memory on the AP.

When connected to an authenticated WLAN, you can enter https://my.ruckus on a web browser and view the following diagnostic information:
  • Client Device
  • AP
  • AP's Neighbors (Wireless)
  • AP's LLDP Neighbors (Wired)
Figure 1. Viewing Diagnostic Information in WPA2 WLAN

On entering https://my.ruckus when connected over an Open or WEP WLAN, the diagnostic information is restricted for security reasons.
Figure 2. Viewing Diagnostic Information in Open WLAN